Friday, 27 May 2011


For Benji, but feel free to comment.

Righty, that charge up the side seemed to have a bit of momentum behind it. Just need to work on a way to make sure its a coordinated full of fist fuck from one flank or the other (need the mek?).

Anyway, it's gonna be worth our while working like that at the doubles - leadership is reduced by 1 when were are within 6" of each other so its probably best to stay at opposite ends.

So - you take a flank and ram your lads up the side with an epic scream of WAAAAHHHH while I autocannon the fuck out of anything on the other flank. We try to make them centralise themselves on an objective (if there are any). Then I'll drop a Deathstrike Missle on them - strength 10, AP1, D3+3" blast radius, ignores cover saves.

Could be an entertaining end game :)

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