Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Who do your voodoo bitch

Damn it's been a while since any of us have posted anything on faulty dice but that's ok because after a few hectic weeks I'm ready to bring this blog back to life for 2013.

Since my last post which I believe was a update on my kill team for a tournament I was attending (which I ended up finishing 9th) I've started playing two new game systems (malifaux and dystopian legions) both of which are massively fun skirmish level games that I've been enjoying plus its helped with what felt like 40k burnout, so I'll be post plenty of pics in the coming weeks of my hobby progress.

To end this quick post I'll leave a photo of a ogre I'm converting and painting to look like a voodoo witch doctor, this guy is going to act as my butch for a ogre and skaven list that wig and myself are going to be taking to a fantasy doubled in April. Hope you like

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