Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Time to become even more geeky

With the new year fast approaching it looks like 2012 is going to be a strong fantasy year for the four of us, so I purpose we start a tale of gamers style updates each month finishing with us going to the doubles.

For the first month we need to write up a 1000pt list for your chosen army along with any hobby progress you make. I'll start tonight with my list and a photo of my test model which I'll get painted tonight. So come on people let's see what forces my ogres need to smash.

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Monday, 26 December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

Liluryath The Lady of the Storm

Liluryath is the favoured daughter of Tzeentch, capricious and deadly she marches south with winter at her back. Frost Giants, ice trolls, ogres and Norsemen all answer her call; she is the ruler of all things winter, the icy winds and storms are hers to command. From a young age she developed an uncanny affinity with the winds of magic and used them as protection from the barbaric surroundings of her upbringing, many a time did a drunken Northmen's advances lead to him being left nothing more than an ice sculpture or a pile of shredded flesh and bone ripped asunder by a torrent of ice crystals. Liluryath's rise to power amused the Lord of Change who relished in the chaos she brought upon the North, Village after village fell and proud Cheiftains bent the knee to a Woman. The Lord of Change fed her power twisting her mind to a blind cold rage that will soon be unleashed upon the world, for she is icy death to all who do not bow to her will. The world will be hers and usher in an age of ice which few will survive.

Sorcerer Lord
level 4
mark of tzenntch
disk of tzeentch
word of agony
stream of corruption
infernal puppet
talisman of preservation
enchanted sheild 455

I'm thinkin of using the body of the chaos sorcerer lord. the head with long hair from the dark elf sorceress riding black dragon and a high back collar from a vampire counts necromancer.
What do people think? do i need to find a more feminine body? i'm really not sure until i get them and inspect them up close.

To represent the disk of tzeentch i'm going to have her suspended in the air above the base and make it look as though she is summoning ice to walk upon, for this i will use clear acetate and snow effects.
If this effect works i will use it to make the enchanted sheild aswell.

One more thing, if anyone has any suggestions for a more feminine body to use that would be great, one that is walking forward would be awesome.

Monday, 19 December 2011

God fucking damnit

Is it so much to ask that anyone within a 20mi radius actually play gothic? I know it's a specialist game but I think there is someone out there is taunting me - I joined Warseer the othe day and enjoyed reading their gothic section only to find that there's some bloke arranging a campaign, but not even in this country. Maybe i should try looking harder. Or organise a tournament myself.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bonus points

I was thinking hard the other evening, (don't laugh I can think real good!) remembering how at the doubles, If you don't have a back story to your armies you lose out on points. Bastards. Then I thought, why didn't I just get a napkin and write something on it? Idiot. That would have been a whole extra point, with no more than 20 seconds of work!

I haven't checked the rules, (because I'm lazy and don't want to spoil a good rant) but what level of fiction counts as a backstory? Could a short paragraph about sharing a Nobel goal to find and capture ancient relics be enough? Or does it need to be a tome describing the intricate details and vibrant heritage of two cultures who just so happen to both love marmite?

Then there's the objective markers. I had three based and everything, but apparently early learning centre animals do not count. Now believe me when I say, that pissed me off! Not because it didn't count, but because the judge seemed to quite like them and even had a little giggle at the hugely out of scale rabbit, complete with cold calculating stare. He just simply didn't mention it. Moved on. Gave no cause to think we didn't get the point. It wasn't till the scores were handed out at the end, that we realised we hadn't got it. Cock.

Im not saying i don't like all the new bonuses you can get. The one for having a fully painted army makes good sense and I endorse It fully. However I just feel frustrated when I know that I'd have been sitting higher up on that results table, if theses little extra points didn't exist and it was entirely down to gaming ability.

Next doubles will be different. My army will be painted like beefeaters, objective markers that are not from the early learning centre and will be in the design of large kitchen utensils. Then finally I will have a back story of two armies on the hunt for the universes finest pastry chef. Nothing will stop us!

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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why me?

So I've spent many hours weighing up the pros and cons of the different armies in fantasy, mainly vampire counts and ogres. I carefully weighed up my own preferences in regards to shooting or combat? Elite or swarm? Thought about which backgrounds I like most with the two armies. Then decided to go with skaven because they're ratmen!

So starting my first fantasy army excited and full of anticipation, I set about writing my army list. I dragged yetilover round mine and insisted that he couldn't leave until he'd help me fulfil my dream of being a master of rat wrangling awesome!

2am and we put the final touches on my list, cheers bro. Still excited even the early hours of the morning I started fantasising about a doubles list. The idea of two fully grown men swearing, drinking and crying as they loose at table top games to children. Nothing better. "hang the fuck on!" says yetilover gently breaking my little perfect world dream, "You know skaven can only ever be untrustworthy allies? With any army"


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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Alright, after much poking I have finally written the list and here it is. Not really all that sure of it, but then I haven't played a game this big in frickin' ages so nm:

Total 1750

Section Unit Wargear Points
Company Command Squad 50
Castellan Creed 90
Seargent Kell 85

Platoon Command Squad 30
Autocannon 10

Infantry Squad 50
Autocannons 10

Infantry Squad 50
Autocannons 10

Heavy Weapons Team 60
3 Autocannons 15

Heavy Weapons Team 60
3 Autocannons 15

Veteran Squad 70
Bastonne 60
Grenadiers 30
Meltaguns (2) 20

Guardsman Marbo 65

Storm Trooper Squad 85
5 Extra Troopers 80

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship 130
Vendetta Gunship 130

Hellhound Squadron
2 Tanks 260
Extra Armour (2) 30

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Exterminator 150
Heavy Bolters 20
Camo Netting 20
Pask 50
Extra Armour 15

Basically I've just bolted on some extra tanks and a vendetta to the already pretty well known autocannons of doom list, with a vet squad and bastonne for some roving harrying squad in their very own vendetta. Might keep the storm troopers nearby for some extra fire power, considering they're also in their very own vendetta. Creed's in their to give me an outflank on something, maybe the hellhounds maybe the leman russ. Who knows.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Take to the sky's

just a quick list idea for the doubles in feb, I like the look of a fast airborne force.

Libby, sang priest, (5) assault marines, (5) assault terminators and (2) stormraven

If Jon takes 3 vendetta's with vets we can have 11 twin-linked lascannon plus my 8 bloodstrike
missiles. What you think?

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

1750 list for that tournament thingy


Ghazghkull 225pts

Biker Boss, power klaw, attack squig, cybork 150pts


5 Nob bikers, painboy, waagh banner, power klaw, 3 big choppas, cybork, 340pts

20 boys, nob, power klaw, boss pole 160pts

19 boys nob, power klaw, boss pole 154pts


15 lootas 225

Fast attack

2 deffkoptas, 2 rokkits, buzzsaw 115pts

heavy support

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, killkannon, kannon 160pts


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blog wars 2

So this is the list I'm taking to blog wars (subject to change after play testing)


(5) sanguinary guard
Banner, infernus pistol

(5) sanguinary guard
2 plasma pistols

(10) assault marines
Power weapon, 2 melta

(10) assault marines
Power fist, flamer, melta

(6) scouts
5 sniper rifles, missile launcher, locator beacon

(2) sanguinary priests
Jump packs, Power weapons

Heavy support
(6) devastators
4 missile launchers

(6) devastators
4 missile launchers

And that's it for 1750 points.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is the life story of Paig

Although our names aren't used on the GW site (would it have killed them) this was our game

Game 2: Secure the Relic Vs Blood Angels/Salamanders on Table 23

In this battle we opted for a risky deployment with both forces exposed, ready to run and grab the objectives. And then our opponents seized the initiative! This put us on the back foot early on and we took quite a few casualties to enemy shooting. No Salamander army is complete without Vulkan Hestan, and we made sure to take him out with whatever we could, in this case, a demo charge to the face. As the game progressed, massed firepower from the Guardsmen and the Stormraven reduced the enemy numbers. The charge of the Terminators pulverised a large number of scoring Marines. However, it was the mobile Guardsmen that won us the game, securing the objectives and scoring us more valuable points.

For you Jon this is when they wrecked tricksy tricksy eldar face

Game 4: Scenario - Liberatus Vs Eldar/Eldar on Table 4

The Eldar army we were facing was a fully mechanised force with four Waveserpents and two Falcon Grav-tanks. Eldrad Ulthran was also on the table with a ten-man Seer Council and Prince Yriel was in the army, too. We opted to hold our whole force (except the Baal Predator) in reserve, firstly to see what our opponents would do, and secondly so as to not get shot to pieces by them in turn 1. We weren't surprised when their whole army blasted across the table and took all the objectives, though surprisingly the Baal Predator survived the turn. In turn 2, nearly all of our units (except the heroic Stormraven) arrived on scene and started to wreak carnage upon the Eldar. The Terminators, who arrived on foot, pounded Eldarad, his Seer Council and their Waveserpent into soup, while the Guard took on the Eldar vehicles. Yet again, it was the brave soldiers of the Imperial Guard that took all the objectives while the Blood Angels (what remained of them...) squeezed the life out of the remaining enemy units.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lol, whut?

I downloaded the warriors of chaos book for a peek at another army. I think I've gotten this right but correct me if not - chaos knights have a (-1)+ armour save. And you thought 2+ was good? With a save like that you should probably gain a wound each time someone inflicts one....

Thursday, 29 September 2011

No money to go out with

So as the title says I'm stoping in this weekend and painting (also some Xbox live and work) what am I painting you may ask? what else but blood angels. More pics coming on Saturday

Also the skaven have emerged from skaven blight

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New layout and ting

Just got board and went mental.
Please publish your thoughts in the comments section.
I will fuck this off if nobody likes it.
I've added a couple more links, tell me if there is something they want adding.
You will now find that i have made the site mobile friendly.

Much love you bunch of puffs.

Monday, 5 September 2011

On the double(s)

Double drinks, double quick, doubles tournament. Oh yeahhhhhhh

Thursday, 28 July 2011

I have a month until doubles tournament, my doubles partner is taking autocannon heavy guard with the plan of sitting ang shooting the gak out of everything. I will be taking orks... this is the list
Warboss bike power klaw attack squig cybork

5 nob bikers painboy waagh banner power klaw 3 big choppas boss pole cybork

19 boys (slugga or shoota undetermined) nob power klaw boss pole big shoota

fast attack
2 deffkoptas, 2 rokkits, buzzsaw

Heavy support
battlewagon deffrolla

comes to 874pts
5 kill points


Warboss bike power klaw attack squig cybork

5 nob bikers painboy waagh banner power klaw 3 big choppas boss pole cybork

19 boys (slugga or shoota undetermined) nob power klaw boss pole

fast attack
3 warbuggies rokkits tracks

Heavy support

comes to 874pts
5 kill points

Ok thats one of the problems... koptas or buggies, i cant make up my mind... if i take the buggies i can give the battlewagon a 4+coversave and pop transports on the way forward...if i take the koptas i can tie up devastators in the first turn or pop transports first turn awesome disruption.

My other difficult decision is slugga or shootas... 19 shootas in a battlewagon is some awesome drive by potential but is it worth dropping the extra close combat attacks?

The last confusion is whether to try and swap the battlewagon for 2 trukks full of boys... an extra troop slot yes and slightly more boys BUT no where near as survivable as the battlewagon.... what to do

Ork biker list

Ok ben this is what I'm thinking you would have fun playing with, plus it's still a choppy list

Wazdakka gutsmek 180

7 war-bikers 195
Nob, power Klee, bosspole

7 war-bikers 215
Nob, big choppa, bosspole

5 nob bikers 285
4 big choppa, pain boy, 2 kombi-skorcha

That's 875pts with only 4 kill points. The trick with this list is to be in the over guys lines turn 1-2 and let Jon sort out the armour with his big guns, being strength 6-7 with a big choppa your guys can still put the hurt on any tank other than a landraider. What you think?

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

For wig

Time to start fantasy?

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hello... Hello... Hello...

So as it's been weeks since any of us have posted anything I've decided to try and post something at least three times a week now, starting with some pics of my blood angels that I'm going back over and adding more detail

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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Just a pic of what I got done on Dante today, I like how the blood drop turned out

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kit bash

Just a pic for you guys of my librarian I'm making for a DOA list I'm going to play with on Thursday. Much love

Thursday, 9 June 2011

After some more work on the baron for my dark eldar

Next I need to do a little work with some green stuff and I'll be painting it up. This is the start of the duke just waiting on some bits.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

It came to me in a dream

So the one on the left is my conversion of a skyboard for the baron. I'm also working on the duke using a incubi as the base, pics in a few days.

Friday, 27 May 2011


For Benji, but feel free to comment.

Righty, that charge up the side seemed to have a bit of momentum behind it. Just need to work on a way to make sure its a coordinated full of fist fuck from one flank or the other (need the mek?).

Anyway, it's gonna be worth our while working like that at the doubles - leadership is reduced by 1 when were are within 6" of each other so its probably best to stay at opposite ends.

So - you take a flank and ram your lads up the side with an epic scream of WAAAAHHHH while I autocannon the fuck out of anything on the other flank. We try to make them centralise themselves on an objective (if there are any). Then I'll drop a Deathstrike Missle on them - strength 10, AP1, D3+3" blast radius, ignores cover saves.

Could be an entertaining end game :)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

look to the skys

so this is my space wolves list that i like

HQ 100pts
Rune priest:
living lightning and murderous hurricane

troops 400pts
10 man grey hunter pack:
2 meltaguns, drop pod

10 man grey hunter pack:
meltagun, flamer, drop pod with death wind missile launcher

heavy support 115pts
5 man long fang pack:
4 missile launchers,

elites 135pts
5 man wolf guard pack:
drop pod, 2 combi-plasma

do you like?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Lists...

So bitches;
Here is the previous list I took in Feb (Jan? Can't remember...) alongside Paul's space vampires who were pretty much a mounted up assault machine. Please note the careful use of autocannons;

Company Command Squad - 50pts
Autocannon Team - 10pts

Platoon Command Squad - 30pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Infantry Squad - 50pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Infantry Squad - 50pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Heavy Weapons Team - 60pts
(3) Autocannons - 15pts

Heavy Weapons Team - 60pts
(3) Autocannons - 15pts

Fast Attack
Vendetta - 130pts
Side-firing Heavy Bolters - 10pts

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Exterminator - 150pts
Heavy Bolter Sponsons - 20pts
Camo Netting - 20pts
Knight Commander Pask - 50pts

This beastly list can churn out 20 S7 AP4 shots per turn, plus the extra 4 coming from the tank which are twin linked and are fired at BS4. Also, if the tank stayed still, the shots count as S8 against armour, reroll wounds against monterous creatures and the tank itself gets +1 to it's cover save, so in actual cover it has a 3+ cover save.

Also you can get 15 heavy bolter shots and 3 twin linked lascannons per turn.

What think you, Sir Ben? I've been mucking about with another ridiculous list that had something list 36 autocannon shots per turn just from heavy weapons teams but that's gonna mean buying more stuff.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Burn baby burn

A little somthing for wig

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Bring on the lasers

So this is the first list for the doubles using my blood angels, with the idea of covering wig at range and 2 small counter assault squads

Librarian: 100
shield and rage.

Sanguinary priest: 65
power sword

Assault squad: 160
Lascannon razorback, flamer

Assault squad: 155
Lascannon razorback

Heavy support
Predator: 135
autocannon, lascannon sponsons

Predator: 135
autocannon, lascannon sponsons

And that my fellow geeks is 750pts and 8 kill points

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

i think we should turbo our tournament

and by turbo i mean get arseface drunktastic... all the way through.

1/ Ordering shots to the gaming table 5 points
2/ Annoying the opponent with drunken incompetence 10 points
3/ Breaking your own models with drunken incompetence 5 points
4/ Breaking opponents models with drunken incompetence 25 points
5/ spilling beer on the gaming table 5 points
6/ spilling beer on the gaming table and saying 'yayyyy tidlewave' 20 points
7/vomiting in the games hall and continuing like it didn't happen 100 points
8/getting in a fist fight over the turnout of a game 100 points
9/suggesting to the opponent you play drinking warhammer and
then make up the rules as you go along 40 points
10/being thrown out of warhammer world for being drunk and disorderly 200 points

winner at the end gets the respect and adoration of all

WHICH LIST will be the one that i am choosing hmmmmm

which list???


big mek 35

kustom force field 50

burna 20



12 slugga boys 72

nob 10

power klaw 25

boss pole 5

Trukk 35

grot riggers 5

boarding plank 5


12 slugga boys 72

nob 10

power klaw 25

boss pole 5

Trukk 35

grot riggers 5

boarding plank 5



10 burna boys 150pts

Fast Attack

deffkopta 35

buzzsaw 25


Heavy Support

Battlewagon 90

deff rolla 20

2 big shootas 10





Warboss 60

bike 40

attack squig 15

power klaw 25

cybork 5



5 nob bikers 225

waagh banner 15

painboy 30

cybork 25

5 big choppas 25


12 slugga boys 72

nob 10

power klaw 25

boss pole 5

big shoota 5

Trukk 35

grot riggers 5

boarding plank 5


Fast Attack

deffkopta 35

buzzsaw 25


deffkopta 35

buzzsaw 25



First powersword attempt

Patchy. Need new paints, current ones are a bit old and lumpy...

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Colonel Geriatric

Dont know i how ive managed it but he looks as though someones just run up and taken a dump in front of him...

Friday, 8 April 2011

Loom at this

Just a little somthing for wig

Some new info about the upcomming tau, again this is just rumors so take as you will.

HQ choices are used to unlock units for troops, so a commander in a crisis suit unlocks crisis suits as troops, an etheral unlocks fire warriors, shaper unlocks kroot, demiurg commander for demiurg as troops.

crisis suits-
mostly same stats but now 3 wounds
come with every gun option and you can choose what weapon systems you fire every round. cost (land speeder + extra HB) per model, squad size max 5

can take network markerlights instead of the missiles on their arms

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Just somthing from the open day. I do like the gaurd transport

Thursday, 31 March 2011

This is for you bro

Just a little somthing for wig

I'm posting this in news and rumors only as it's relevant to upcoming releases. I received word yesterday my "blackout" clause of my NDA for 3 upcoming codex armies would go in to effect April 1. (ha, that's what I thought too.)

Those three armies are Tau, Necron, and SoB.

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1750pts tournament

So this is my list for the immortal tournament. What you guys think?

2 priest: power weapon
5 devastator squad: 4 missile launchers
5 devastator squad: 4 missile launchers
10 tatical squad: missile launcher
10 tatical squad: multi melta, flamer, combi flamer,
10 assault squad: 2melta gun, power fist, rhino
9 assault squad: flamer, power weapon, rhino
8 assault squad: power weapon, melta, landraider

So what you guys think, 60 marines 3 rhinos 1 landraider and the odd missile and melta

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Saturday, 19 March 2011

on another note...

Have you seen that grey knights presumably overpowered walking bastard.
Its stupid!

Paul's attempt to brake the blog.

had to delete Paul's post as it was a big fat annoyance.
Just post a link next time bretheran.

Safe as milk.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Glory of ostermark

Ostermark it is then. I'm making a project log for you people to follow with painting and some battle reports, the first coming this fri if I can get a game in.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this post. My idea for this army is big blocks of troops with 1 or 2 cannons and the rest of my
Firepower In the form of bow and crossbow

Test models I've painted up in the ostermark colours yellow, purple and grey. I'm happy with the look but I still want to add some more detail and I'm trying to avoid the cartoon look

Monday, 21 February 2011

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Never have I been more surprised than finding an explanation of 40K's shooting rules and the reason orks can't shoot straight on a site about memes.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

here i smy ninished thing i spent loadaa time buildin i a bit pissed so tyoping is hard bleh textin is easier than keybroards some cunt on dakka daskka said its to plaion but fuck him fuck him in his nerdy asshole

i ,like iyt i wanted it to be palain gonna make it more rusty lookin an add ice an swnow to the tracks coz eveeryhtin oi'm doin now willl be ice an snow

gonna use myb chaos models fopr my space woolves too
its not finished paintings times