Saturday, 19 November 2011

Alright, after much poking I have finally written the list and here it is. Not really all that sure of it, but then I haven't played a game this big in frickin' ages so nm:

Total 1750

Section Unit Wargear Points
Company Command Squad 50
Castellan Creed 90
Seargent Kell 85

Platoon Command Squad 30
Autocannon 10

Infantry Squad 50
Autocannons 10

Infantry Squad 50
Autocannons 10

Heavy Weapons Team 60
3 Autocannons 15

Heavy Weapons Team 60
3 Autocannons 15

Veteran Squad 70
Bastonne 60
Grenadiers 30
Meltaguns (2) 20

Guardsman Marbo 65

Storm Trooper Squad 85
5 Extra Troopers 80

Fast Attack
Vendetta Gunship 130
Vendetta Gunship 130

Hellhound Squadron
2 Tanks 260
Extra Armour (2) 30

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Exterminator 150
Heavy Bolters 20
Camo Netting 20
Pask 50
Extra Armour 15

Basically I've just bolted on some extra tanks and a vendetta to the already pretty well known autocannons of doom list, with a vet squad and bastonne for some roving harrying squad in their very own vendetta. Might keep the storm troopers nearby for some extra fire power, considering they're also in their very own vendetta. Creed's in their to give me an outflank on something, maybe the hellhounds maybe the leman russ. Who knows.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Take to the sky's

just a quick list idea for the doubles in feb, I like the look of a fast airborne force.

Libby, sang priest, (5) assault marines, (5) assault terminators and (2) stormraven

If Jon takes 3 vendetta's with vets we can have 11 twin-linked lascannon plus my 8 bloodstrike
missiles. What you think?

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Thursday, 3 November 2011

1750 list for that tournament thingy


Ghazghkull 225pts

Biker Boss, power klaw, attack squig, cybork 150pts


5 Nob bikers, painboy, waagh banner, power klaw, 3 big choppas, cybork, 340pts

20 boys, nob, power klaw, boss pole 160pts

19 boys nob, power klaw, boss pole 154pts


15 lootas 225

Fast attack

2 deffkoptas, 2 rokkits, buzzsaw 115pts

heavy support

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, killkannon, kannon 160pts