Thursday, 20 December 2012

WIP dark eldar

Just a couple of quick pics of my finished trueborn squad from last week

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lightning raid

Time for a quick post guys. This coming Saturday Ban, Poontang and myself are going to be attending a 200pt kill team tournament in Nottingham and I'll be taking my dark eldar which I've been using a lot of lately.

The list I'm taking is as follows ( I should also point out I get to give three models any one of the universal special rules)

10 true born:
1 with a splinter cannon and twin-linked USR
1 with a splinter cannon and haywire USE
Raider with a disintegrator and shroud USR

Now I've only settled on taking my dark eldar about two weeks ago and my list only last saturday, which means ive been franticly painting them up these past few days as none of them but I am loving my colour scheme. What do people think?

(Bases to be done in a African plan scheme)

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Morning all,

I have a quiet day at work today, the subcontractor chaps are in my lab doing their thing and I'm keeping out from under their feet and hiding in my office instead; surprisingly little paper work to do in here but so much internet...

Anyway, went to have a game of Gothic last night with Wig and forgot my ships so that sort of face planted and left me feeling a little nostalgic, so I searched for BFG on Reddit, only to find this image:

( if you can't see it)

Quick explain - if you try to do a boarding action, you each roll a dice and add modifiers (+2 if you're marines, +1 if you have a Choas Lord aboard, +1 for Orks, +1 for Aspect Warriors, etc...) then compare the roll to the damage table in the book, so it can happen that you do a boarding action, only for it to go horribly wrong and spill back onto your ship which then gets damaged... A nice oddity of BFG.

Also found this:

Happy Wednesday.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Paint for the paint god

With the mrs going to collage on Monday and Thursday night these night are fast becoming my hobby nights, with that I'm planing to make weekly post based on what I've painted.

To start with I give you some work in progress (WIP) of my tharn white mane which I hope to get finished by the weekend. Peace

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Monday, 8 October 2012

The 1st milestone

Hi y'all. It's been a while since I've last posted anything on faulty due to being busy busy these past few weeks, but fear not my friends I've been keeping myself hobby active whenever I've had the free time. (and when I've been able to pull myself away from boarderlands 2)

I'm going to start with two quick battle reports from the warmachine/hordes journeyman league I'm taking part in at Titan games.

My first game was against a kid who's name escapes me but I did mange to get a photo of his khador force

Now I took this chance to start a hordes force, more specifically circle orboros, as I found the fury mechanic more enjoyable to play than the focus mechanic that warmachine uses.

My starter force

On with the fighting

Turn : it begins

I won the roll to go first and I duly did so. I moved my warp wolf and 1 of my argus up the right flank while my other argus and caster moved up the centre, the only spell I used was to give my warp wolf stealth.

My opponent moved his combat orientated jack and his caster down the centre heading towards my caster, his cannon jack down the the right to take a shot at my warp wolf but completely scatters away thanks to stealth.

Turn two: the trap is sprung

I started my turn by casting spirt door with my caster so that she got to be place within 2 inch of the argus on the right flank, I now sprung my trap. I charged the cannon jack with my warp wolf and argus whom promptly tore it a new one. I then sacrificed my other argus by charging his caster just so I can tie him up a turn or two

My opponent decided to charge his combat jack into my argus on the right, but after some poor dice rolls he only managed to remove about half the hit points need to kill it. His caster slaughters my argus which was expected.

Turn 3: a desperate move

I started by dealing some damage to his jack with my argus followed by my warp wolf moving in to finish it. My caster moves up behind my beast for some protection

My opponent charges my argus with his caster and kills it.

Turn 4: the end is nigh

I moved my caster to throw some spells at his caster, I now walked my warp wolf in and with boosted damage I managed to roll 3 6's killing the caster and wining the game.

What I learnt from this game: warp wolfs are the boss, with a ability to choose either +2 move, +2 strength or +2 armour each turn makes them very flexible.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kill team ticket arrived :)
only i have no idea what army i should use...
and i don't know the rules to kill team...
and i can't decide whether i really want to do something stupid like take 60 odd grots or would i actualy like to win some games or at least try to.
also note to self i DO NOT like tuna despite the random cravings I randomly have sometimes... maybe i'm pregnant.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh, hay, GW goes technological!

So, wow.

GW have worked out that technology is fucking everywhere and maybe they can tap that market. AWESOME!

I imagine the conversation in HQ went a little something like this:

GW guy - ", people read stuff on the little handheld screen?"

IT - "yes"

GW - "...and everyones got one?"

IT - "yes, in their pockets"

GW - "so we can just sell the books that way as well?"

IT - "yes, and we can update them remotely so we only have to issue a notice saying 'we've updated some stuff for you, enjoy' instead of a full FAQ every couple of months"

GW - "so we can sell people the same book they already have, and charge them more for it?"

IT - "well, to stay competativ..."

GW - *evil finger tent* "yes... more money... excellent..."

IT - "Ooook. Moving on, we could also make apps, they are little programs that sell for about £2 and can be really usful, maybe we could make one for some of the new rules like our competitors have for their gaming systems?"

GW - "WE ARE GAMES-FUCKING-WORKSHOP! SHIT DOES NOT GET SOLD FOR £2 ON MY FUCKING WATCH YOU BASTARD! No. We will make one of these 'apps' and we will sell it for a vastly inflated price, because our insanely rich fan base will pay... yess....."

And so we reach the point of this soliloquy; GW have a good looking new app on apples app store marketing for £8. Are you fucking kidding me?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Doubles report...!?


It's been f**king forever since anyone posted anything, maybe because we're all lazy, maybe because nothing WH40K really happened, maybe because nobody but Yeti is painting anything... who knows.

Anyway, I thought I'd give a brief chat on how we did last weekend gone. In a word, we were awesome. If we've calculated our score properly (the events team did the numbers, I did the counting) we came somewhere between 2nd and 6th; we're not entirely sure exactly where yet. See, the events team gave 2nd and 3rd place to guys who had won less points than us, but had more favourite game votes, but didn't give a joint 3rd to guys who had the exact same score... We can't quite work it out, and while feeling mildly cheated that we were not given any type of award for scoring the same number of points as the ranked 2nd place team, it is nonetheless, the best we have ever done at no worse than 6th place.



Game 1:
Two blokes running a Guard/Grey Knights, calling themselves Bad Bromance :-) we crushed them quite severely, killed the grey knights dakka dread and their champion on our first turn/first round of shooting, then just proceeded to punish them for the rest of the game. I felt quite embarrassed it went so well and was about to offer beer as our apology when the ginger dude from the bar brought them drinks. Good game, they took it well and seemed to enjoy it and I hope we didn't come across as ass holes.

Game 2:
Ork/Space Marines, who very nearly beat the crap out of us. A dakka jet, a variant ork bomba and a Spaz Marine Sky Talon thing all arrived on the same turn and just let rip - the dakka jet thing gets some horrendous number of shots per turn, strength something nasty, AP4 (?) and ignores cover = 2 extremely dead weapons teams, and a half dead command squad with just the commander and his faithful lackey to run away. Luckily the vendettas turned up and did a horrific damage to the sky talon and one of the dakka jets. Managed to steal an objective from the Marines who were holding it, and in the end held 3 out of 4. Objective 4 was a no go - 30 boyz with the stealth special rule and a warboss... not to be trifled with. On the whole, good game. Learned some painful lessons about dakka jets. Ie, we need a quad gun.

Game 3:
Imperial Guard/Grey Knights
This one wasn't so great unfortunately; before the game began, we we're a bit confused as to why they had managed to get so much left in reserve when the rules only permit for 50% to be left in reserve at any one time - turns out that 50% is of the Army (both players) not just the individual forces (each player) which mean they could deep strike two squads of terminators... Eek. Nevermind, its the rules.
However, when I attempted to put my platoon chappies in a reserved vendetta, I inadvertently started a 20 min rule bender, as our opponents were of the belief that platoons had to be deployed together - either all in reserve or all on the board. While its a sensible concept (why would you deploy without your commanders?), there is nothing I can find to say you can't and some rules that indirectly suggest that it's perfectly allowed. I offered to just set up but everyone (including a ref) wanted to sort it out. 20mins later it was decided on a 4+ (which we won) - not that the guys inside did anything as they were shot down mere moments after arriving! Anyway, hard fought but we won in the end, with a great deal of luck.

Ironically, as the clock wore down to only 4mins and we were pretty much finished, our opponents asked for an additional round of shooting so they could try and get their secret objectives - we agreed to it and got a round ourselves. They shot eveything they had left at my remaining vendetta only to miss and fail to damage on every dice. Our round, I shot down their last remaining vendetta with the weapons teams, and the drop pod with the vendetta. So sweet it was to announce that on that round alone I had achieved the tank hunter objective at captain level (2 bonus points rather than 1). All good in the end, and with more entertaining last turns we all loosened up a bit, so a good game in the end.

Game 4:
The one that got away!

I'm not really sure if we could really have played this one much better than we did, we were cheated out of a parachute drop by an "its been FAQ'd" however, I personally read the FAQ on his phone and agreed so what the hell was I reading?! My fault if anything so nevermind.

All kinda went wrong when we just couldn't land the shots we needed but received a punishing in return - I do wish they'd FAQ the flyers thing - at the moment they can just zoom straight off the board without having done anything which basically meant that they were able to have the full force arrive when they damn well pleased, thank you very much!

Nevermind; an enjoyable game at least and we still inflicted some hurt so it wasn't a complete loss!

Game 5:
Last one, our favourite game of the tournament too.

We ended up playing a couple of guys who were nominated for best painted - it showed. Grey Knights/Black Templars.

It was a good fun game, I think they just thought, "Fuck it, last game so lets have a laugh" and ran a force of 13 terminators (7 Black templar, 6 grey knight) down the side directly toward the guard held flank - they withstood a stupid number of bullets for every turn they were walking making pretty much every save, until one of our space wolf squads ran up, bolt gunned four of them to death. That sucked for the guy, four 1's :-s

Nevermind, it was entertaining blasting the shit out of a whole army of terminators and running away from them when they got too close.

Verdict; I enjoy 6th edition. We have thought of some horrendous tactics for next time though...

Monday, 20 August 2012

If I had remade the wolf man

Just a quick WIP for you guys to see. It's the start of my hordes circle force for a journeyman league at titian games in Lichfield

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Double list, surprisingly early this time!

Yeti; read. There will be no changes once I buy all this, because I'm not buying replacments.

Total 750

Section Unit Wargear Pts
Grand Master 175
Psybolt Ammo 5
Psychotrope Grenades 15

Terminators 200
Psybolt Ammo 20
Psycannon 25
Brotherhood Banner 25

Fast Attack
Interceptors 130
Psybolt Ammo 20

Heavy Support
Dreadnought 115
Twin Linked Autocannon 10
Twin Linked Autocannon 5
Psybolt Ammo 5

Thursday, 26 July 2012

The power of voodoo

So I started to paint me some necrons last night with the idea I can take them to the doubles in september. Now with my love for all things horror I decided to give my immortals voodoo face paint but i can't think of a colour the do the shoulder pads, do you guys have any input?

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Gothic War Continues...

A decade and more after its release and I finally got to play a game of Gothic that ended because someone won and not because we ran out of time or because the shop's table was booked up for the afternoon to play 40K or other such excuses.

Wig and Me kicked it with all the ships Wig could muster, manned by a Chaos Warmaster (with every possible Mark of Chaos)and three Chaos Lords (each with the Mark of Nurgle so no boarding attacks allowed), bringing us to a total point cost of 1700pts. I took a similarly sized fleet along with a 3 re-roll admiral which brought me in a little under 1700pts.

The game went a little something like this:


I like bombers because they are nasty little shits if you don't manage to stop them getting to your ships - D6 attacks per surviving bomber wave meaning I at one point ended up with 32 attacks needing 5+ to damage the battleship which had only lost 2 hit points and was reduced to a drifting hulk in one ordnance phase. Nasty.

Picture is of the black board we used to record our losses - Wig's Chaos Crusade Fleet to the left, my Imperial Pigdogs to the right.

Must play more Gothic. Must use more bombers.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Liluryath finally finished

casting the ice disk in latex with resin was a bitch took 3 attempts... happy now though.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Gothic Idiot battle report..

My chaos fleet on the left side, Paul's marines on the right.

You may not know gothic too well so I made it clear what happened to my ships.


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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Yes, mr lister sir

It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere
I'm all alone, more or less
Let me fly far away from here
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose
Drinking fresh mango juice
Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

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The time of tyrants

Still some work to be done but it's usable For tomorrow night

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Getting ready for Sunday

This coming Sunday guys is the start of my fantasy campaign I'll be running and I thought I would show you the map progress

This is just a small bit but all I have to do now is paint the edges and mount it on a board, so with a bit of free time tomorrow night I plan to finish it

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Liluryath Lady of the Storm paint job

First attempt at glowing eyes... not impressed anyone else tried it before?
I'm very happy with the verdigris and the hair though.

6ed bitch

Just posting a link to some of the 6ed rules for ya Jon

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The clubs fantasy campaign

This is for anyone who's interested in joining the campaign I'm going to run at the vine inn gamers club.

It is an open map campaign meaning everyone can see the entire map and where all banners are located. The map is made from Mighty Empires. Battles are based on equal points for both armies; however you will see later that there are ways of increasing your own point size. Since it is an escalation campaign, that means we will increase the size of our armies during the campaign. This allows everyone to start with smaller forces, and builds to large armies. This is a great way for beginners to build and paint an army or for an experienced player to start on a new army. The focus of the campaign is to learn the rules and have fun and build up the player base. So if you can’t play your army without proxies or unpainted figures that is OK. The point value for each turn is: 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250 and 2500.

Army selection: For the first two months (500 & 750) your army may only be made up of hero, troop and special choices. Once we start to to play bigger games (1000 points) then we'll start using lord and rare choices.

Sequence of play: Each month we start by sorting out Revenue, Diplomacy, Conquest and Build starting with the smallest empire first
Largest empire is determined by counting the number of tiles each player controls an calculated at the start of each turn. Tiles that contain a city count as two tiles. The player with the most tiles is the largest empire. If two players are tied, the player with the most cities is largest. If still tied, then the number of castles, and finally a die roll to break tiles.
As the campaign progresses I'll be adding more phases.

Revenue phase: At the start of every month we begin by sorting out each players revenue for this turn, this is going to be the total empire points the person has gained from the perverse turns battles or any bonus points they may have acquired. For the first turn we'll only select our starting territories.

Diplomacy phase: During this phase alliances can be made and wars declared, Each month will start with the number of games that needs to be played in this turn along with any other objectives that may come along.

It is now that each player takes it in turns to select a tile to attack another tile that is adjacent to one of their own. if the tile has no banner then you are free to choose your opponent, if it has a banner then you must fight the owning player.
It is possible to attack a none adjacent tile through means of diplomacy with another player but this can only be done once per turn with another empire that boarders your own and never with the same player from the previous turn. If a alliance if formed between the two players then they are free to attack any tile adjacent to your allies tiles but you cannot attack your ally this turn. Be warned lone tiles are easier to claim.

Conquest and build Phase: when you play a game of warhammer you earn empire points as shown on the chart below. Empire points are used to take territory, build cities, castles and mines, or to remove territory from a rival player. Players take it in turn to spend their empire points, starting with the player with the smallest empire and working up.

Earning empire points: the number of empire points a player has to spend depends on how well he did in the battle phase. Players who lose earn 1 point, draw earns 1 points, and winners earn 2 or more points depending upon the level of victory. Determine the level of victory using the victory rules in the rulebook using the size of the armies before any bonuses were added. If the scenario does not specify victory conditions, then a win is 200 points.
- lose – 1 empire point
- draw (– 1 empire points for each players
- narrow victory (defeat your opponent by more than 200 points) – 2 empire points
- solid victory (defeat your opponent by more than 500 points) – 3 empire points

Spending empire points: empire points can be spent as follows. Unused points are lost:
- Claim tile (2 empire points). Place a banner on a tile without a banner that is adjacent to one of your own tiles or if it's a lone tile with a banner
- Conquer tile (3 empire points). Remove another player’s banner from a tile that is adjacent to one of your own tiles and replace it with your own. You must have fought and won a battle against the player in the preceding battle phase
- Build (1 empire point). Add a castle, city or mine to a tile you already control
- Mountains. It costs 1 extra empire point to claim or conquer a mountain tile
- Castles or Cities. It costs 1 extra empire point to conquer a tile that contains a castle or a city

Builds: You can spend empire points to add a castle, city or mine to a tile that you control. Alternatively, you may instead replace a marker on a tile you control with another one.
- Castle: makes it more difficult for players to conquer the tile. Cannot be built on a marsh
- City: to build a city, there must already be a castle on the tile. You may upgrade a castle in the same turn that you built it, and the city replaces the castle. The tile counts as having a castle and in addition counts as two tiles when working out who has the largest empire. Cities cannot be built on a mountain or a marsh tile
- Mine: has a chance to generate extra empire points. roll a d6 on a 1-3 nothing is found, 4-5 you gain 1 empire point, 6 you gain 2 empire points but at the same time you exhaust the mine and it can no longer be used. Mines can only be built on a mountain or river tile.

I think I have everything covered, if not let me know and I'll alter it.

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Warmachine Computer Game?

So, I've played a total of one game of Warmachine (and one of Horde for those who count) and I have really enjoyed both the game itself (quick but somewhat chess-like in its thinking and planning) and the back story fluffyness. Even if the models seem very cartoonish and possibly caricature in proportions (could perhaps do with a some new blood in the sculpting department at Privateer Press), I do like the idea of large, semi-autonomous, angry robots with smashing implements powered by a shit-load of coal being let loose across a table. And as a result I also quite like the look of this. Sorscha's in there for Paul, plus the Cygnar Commander Striker dude has some nice safety glasses, I think I need a pair for my lab work. Nighty night.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Walking in the shadow of terrible things

Having had my first two games of war-machine last Saturday I've started painting up my khador force this evening with my war caster Sorscha

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I'm back mother fucker

Just a quick pic of the priest I kit-bashed for my redemption gang that I'll be using in a necromunder campaign that's starting up next week

I also have a lot more pics of hobby stuff to add over next few days

Monday, 16 April 2012

Nothing to declare...

Slow month. Unfortunately I don't have much more to contribute. But heres a picture of a finished skaven clan rat. Just another 59 to go. Hazzaa! Hazzaa!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Liluryath Lady of the Storm

After planning for ages bout how it was gona look I got the bits and it just didn't work. So I went for the easier approach and kept the basic figure of a dark elf sorceress and kit bashed the hell out of it. I added more armour, fur, a cooler looking staff which I may still turn into a scythe and a funky hair braid. All of which I hope will make her seem more sexy barbarian warrioress than elf sorceress.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

For your entertainment and edification: Seems that the article's writer was at the last doubles tournament too, we missed a possible interview Paul!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fucking hell they made some thunderwolf cavalry

I knew it was a good idea buying that spacewolves battleforce however many years ago that was... fuck you blood angels.
With this new found interest in wolves and space vikings i'm going to paint them... but not that gay blue colour... and NONE of them will be fucking ginger. Seriously what is the fucking deal with that, how can space vikings be taken seriously in the gayest shade of blue ever and to cap it off a ginger bonce... I'm gona make vikings cool again.

also Paul tell me whats wrong with this list, you're good at that shit.

wolf lord
runic armour
storm sheild
frost axe
2 fenrisian wolves
saga of the bear 275

rune priest
living lightning
jaws of the world wolf
chooser of the slain
storm bolter 113

4 wolf guard
4 power fists
4 combi-meltas
2 melta bombs 182

5 wolf scouts
melta bombs
mark of the wulfen
2 power weapons 155

5 Grey hunters
melta gun
mark of the wulfen
rhino 130

5 Grey hunters
melta gun
mark of the wulfen
rhino 130

5 Grey hunters
melta gun
mark of the wulfen
razorback TL Lascannon 170

Fast attack
2 thunderwolf cavalry
2 storm sheilds
2 frost blades
melta-bombs 220

Heavy support
5 long fangs
4 missile launchers

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The guy here has a point. Nids came out in Jan 2010; before the release of the iPad (when Apple's newest iPhone was the 3G), before I had real work to do, me and wig were still living in our awesome flat and none of us were married or engaged. And also, 6 months after Paul and I went to our first doubles. And only now, 2 years later are they releasing the new Nid models. It's nice to see someone else thinks GW needs someone with better business acumen at the helm, rather than a guy who thinks that reducing points cost and increasing financial of the various products will mean improved growth. Also; Saturdays are lucky, Sundays are not and I'm going to buy a box into which dice which fail me will be hurled to think about what they have done... Full report from Paul to follow I'm sure.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is there anyone here!?

Or am I just bitching to myself while everyone goes about doing other things?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Carrying on...


I have now read the Grey Knights and Necron books and feel like less of an uninformed hypocrite than before. Just out of interest, does anyone know what the plural of codex is? Or for that matter what the collective noun for them is either? I quite like a "nerd" of codexes, but thats just me. Answers on a postcard.

Anyway. Perhaps I was a little bit cruel in my initial estimation of Mr. Wards newest paper based masturbatory fantasies. Thinking through my original comments, combo stacking has been something of an integral part of the game for as long as I've been playing so perhaps that's not such a bad thing as I had made it sound. I also should be a little more thankful that each codex has been redone to contain new and interesting characters and units with some interesting special rules and new wargear thats not just the same crap used in every army under a different name.

I think my actual brooding anger was this - the statistical quality of each unit is not reflected equally in the price of each unit.

For a brief example that is very simplistic and in need of improvement:

1 guardsman (most basic standard unit possible) costs 5pts (50pts for a ten man squad therefore ~5pts a piece).

1 terminator (specialist, expensive unit with durability and both ballistic and close combat skill)

The guardsman gets to shoot once at the terminator and has a 0.028 chance of killing the terminator (=1/2*1/3*1/6).

The terminator gets to shoot once at the guardsman and has a 0.44 chance of killing the guardsman (=2/3*2/3). This actually translates to a 0.88 chance of a kill since the terminator normally uses a stormbolter...

Anyway, this means that at terminator is 15.7x better than a guardsman at ranged combat, so surely a terminator should cost 15.7x more than a guardsman? Surely the terminator should cost 79pts a piece to keep the game fair? Nope, instead the terminator comes in at 40pts, nearly half the value statistics suggest he should.

I know this doesn't quite mesh with the numbers of lasguns that a guard player can bring in and how the points cost accounts for that, but just in this example, marine player has nearly a 50% advantage as far as value for points goes.

Maybe I should just get a small grey knights army and stop complaining...

Friday, 27 January 2012


This was gonna just be a response to Ben's comment on Wig's post previous to this one but then I found a picture that made me laugh and had to share.


I was thinking more in comparison to the shit storm you face when you go up against GK's and Necrons, they're bitches.

If I'm perfectly honest, I'd ban all Space Marines, they are all broken to some degree - just a few examples off the top of my head to name but a few: codex marine and vanguard veterans (since when was charging off a deep strike fair?!) and combine that with Shrike and you get fleet vanguard vets, Space Wolves and their thunderwolf cavalry, Blood Angels and the Feel No Pain assault squads. Grey Knights just got stupid and Necrons are now an army you can't defeat unless you are willing to go to combat with them.

Seriously, isn't this game supposed to be about using your armies strenghts? Example, aren't guard supposed to do their level best to out shoot the shit out of everyone they can with standard issue marshmallow melters and tanks, while Orks make it their business to charge toward the enemy firing blindly until their within charge range and eldar are supposed to be sneaky, sneaky little elves who have to choose the absolute best moment to strike?

It's become less about balancing the codexes to make the game fun and more on having to stack combos, which makes it more likely you'll see repeated themes in lists and less innovation. I like seeing mental lists and I have a feeling theres gonna be less of them as we progress through ed. 6 of the rules and I personally place the blame squarely of Matt Ward.

Rant over until next time.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Beware the heretic!


Today I participated in tea and biscuits with this unstable and gentry man. We discussed the finer things; cats, YouTube and table top gaming.

Beware gentleman, this fine specimen of a beast may well be joining our little blog.

Below is the chaos space marine army, which easily exceeds two thousand points and may well be marching on top of your armies faces very soon. You have been warned!

-posted from his bloody phone!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Last man standing tournament

Just a quick shout out to for the vine inn gamers who hosted a four-way last man standing tournament on Sunday, I must say it was one of the best games of 40k I've had in ages. Man of the match for me was my dreadnought who accounted for a 100 guardsmen, yarrick, bane wolf and a Vanquisher. Not bad for only 125pts.

Monday, 9 January 2012

This weeks painting

This being the start of a new year (last week doesn't count) one of my new year resolutions is to fully paint my fantasy/40k armies, with that I'm starting a weekly post about what I'm painting this week.

To kick start the first week I'm going to be painting up a fire-belly for my new ogre army

More pics Wednesday

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He's got the whole world in his hand

With the start of the new year I was thinking we can run a planetary empires campaign, with each campaign turn lasting a month or two as that should give use enough time to get the games against each other played. Are you three up for it? If so I'll make a map and post the first set of rules.

Ps. Jon you're the one in green