Wednesday, 21 September 2011

New layout and ting

Just got board and went mental.
Please publish your thoughts in the comments section.
I will fuck this off if nobody likes it.
I've added a couple more links, tell me if there is something they want adding.
You will now find that i have made the site mobile friendly.

Much love you bunch of puffs.


  1. Yeah boi, looks the shit innit.

    Anyway, looking good, like the dice logo for the address bar, nice touch. I would post something but I haven't anything newly painted and apparently I am not allowed to post funny pictures to keep you entertained, that's probably why I post some many on wigs facebook...

  2. i dont mind you posting funny things. But it got to the point at one stage where all i could find was daft pictures of cats!
    By all means Jon post what you like, just keep it to the cream of the crop.