Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This is the life story of Paig

Although our names aren't used on the GW site (would it have killed them) this was our game

Game 2: Secure the Relic Vs Blood Angels/Salamanders on Table 23

In this battle we opted for a risky deployment with both forces exposed, ready to run and grab the objectives. And then our opponents seized the initiative! This put us on the back foot early on and we took quite a few casualties to enemy shooting. No Salamander army is complete without Vulkan Hestan, and we made sure to take him out with whatever we could, in this case, a demo charge to the face. As the game progressed, massed firepower from the Guardsmen and the Stormraven reduced the enemy numbers. The charge of the Terminators pulverised a large number of scoring Marines. However, it was the mobile Guardsmen that won us the game, securing the objectives and scoring us more valuable points.

For you Jon this is when they wrecked tricksy tricksy eldar face

Game 4: Scenario - Liberatus Vs Eldar/Eldar on Table 4

The Eldar army we were facing was a fully mechanised force with four Waveserpents and two Falcon Grav-tanks. Eldrad Ulthran was also on the table with a ten-man Seer Council and Prince Yriel was in the army, too. We opted to hold our whole force (except the Baal Predator) in reserve, firstly to see what our opponents would do, and secondly so as to not get shot to pieces by them in turn 1. We weren't surprised when their whole army blasted across the table and took all the objectives, though surprisingly the Baal Predator survived the turn. In turn 2, nearly all of our units (except the heroic Stormraven) arrived on scene and started to wreak carnage upon the Eldar. The Terminators, who arrived on foot, pounded Eldarad, his Seer Council and their Waveserpent into soup, while the Guard took on the Eldar vehicles. Yet again, it was the brave soldiers of the Imperial Guard that took all the objectives while the Blood Angels (what remained of them...) squeezed the life out of the remaining enemy units.


  1. as soon as my money is rolling in i will be extending my doubles tournament army with a ghazgull, suitablly cobbled together from random scraps of course... no model is sacred in my eyes