Thursday, 3 November 2011

1750 list for that tournament thingy


Ghazghkull 225pts

Biker Boss, power klaw, attack squig, cybork 150pts


5 Nob bikers, painboy, waagh banner, power klaw, 3 big choppas, cybork, 340pts

20 boys, nob, power klaw, boss pole 160pts

19 boys nob, power klaw, boss pole 154pts


15 lootas 225

Fast attack

2 deffkoptas, 2 rokkits, buzzsaw 115pts

heavy support

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, deffrolla 110pts

battlewagon, killkannon, kannon 160pts



  1. i know you love them but drop the bikers and warboss, take a mek/kff and a big squad of nods with gazza and also put some big shooters on the wagons. the last thing make the lootas in 2 squads of 8. thats just what i think but im not a ork player

  2. lol nope the bikes stay! especially as now they're actually painted and looking badass. realised that the lootas have to be dropped to 12 to fit in the killkannon battlewagon, and the 19 boys to 18 as ghaz takes up 2 slots in a transport. With thoase shaved off points i can put big shootas on the wagons. I'm not sure how it will go using that bw full of lootas, i plan to sit it at the back pouring shots out. If it doesn't work i will swap it for another deffrolla bw full of boys.

  3. and more deffkoptas...they rock