Friday, 27 January 2012


This was gonna just be a response to Ben's comment on Wig's post previous to this one but then I found a picture that made me laugh and had to share.


I was thinking more in comparison to the shit storm you face when you go up against GK's and Necrons, they're bitches.

If I'm perfectly honest, I'd ban all Space Marines, they are all broken to some degree - just a few examples off the top of my head to name but a few: codex marine and vanguard veterans (since when was charging off a deep strike fair?!) and combine that with Shrike and you get fleet vanguard vets, Space Wolves and their thunderwolf cavalry, Blood Angels and the Feel No Pain assault squads. Grey Knights just got stupid and Necrons are now an army you can't defeat unless you are willing to go to combat with them.

Seriously, isn't this game supposed to be about using your armies strenghts? Example, aren't guard supposed to do their level best to out shoot the shit out of everyone they can with standard issue marshmallow melters and tanks, while Orks make it their business to charge toward the enemy firing blindly until their within charge range and eldar are supposed to be sneaky, sneaky little elves who have to choose the absolute best moment to strike?

It's become less about balancing the codexes to make the game fun and more on having to stack combos, which makes it more likely you'll see repeated themes in lists and less innovation. I like seeing mental lists and I have a feeling theres gonna be less of them as we progress through ed. 6 of the rules and I personally place the blame squarely of Matt Ward.

Rant over until next time.

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