Sunday, 26 February 2012

The guy here has a point. Nids came out in Jan 2010; before the release of the iPad (when Apple's newest iPhone was the 3G), before I had real work to do, me and wig were still living in our awesome flat and none of us were married or engaged. And also, 6 months after Paul and I went to our first doubles. And only now, 2 years later are they releasing the new Nid models. It's nice to see someone else thinks GW needs someone with better business acumen at the helm, rather than a guy who thinks that reducing points cost and increasing financial of the various products will mean improved growth. Also; Saturdays are lucky, Sundays are not and I'm going to buy a box into which dice which fail me will be hurled to think about what they have done... Full report from Paul to follow I'm sure.


  1. Just to think they do Zoanthropes (Or as you know them Jon, Face-planters) in fine cast now aswell. The pains that could have been avoided. lol

    1. True, but if I'd bought everything in finecast then we wouldn't have the memories of the brain snakes taking a dive on any slightly uneven surface.
      I'll come get my nids off you soon wiggy, I'm feeling a little nostalgic and like i should acctually finish painting the wee beasties. And find them homes.