Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Warmachine Computer Game?

So, I've played a total of one game of Warmachine (and one of Horde for those who count) and I have really enjoyed both the game itself (quick but somewhat chess-like in its thinking and planning) and the back story fluffyness. Even if the models seem very cartoonish and possibly caricature in proportions (could perhaps do with a some new blood in the sculpting department at Privateer Press), I do like the idea of large, semi-autonomous, angry robots with smashing implements powered by a shit-load of coal being let loose across a table. And as a result I also quite like the look of this. Sorscha's in there for Paul, plus the Cygnar Commander Striker dude has some nice safety glasses, I think I need a pair for my lab work. Nighty night.

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