Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Gothic War Continues...

A decade and more after its release and I finally got to play a game of Gothic that ended because someone won and not because we ran out of time or because the shop's table was booked up for the afternoon to play 40K or other such excuses.

Wig and Me kicked it with all the ships Wig could muster, manned by a Chaos Warmaster (with every possible Mark of Chaos)and three Chaos Lords (each with the Mark of Nurgle so no boarding attacks allowed), bringing us to a total point cost of 1700pts. I took a similarly sized fleet along with a 3 re-roll admiral which brought me in a little under 1700pts.

The game went a little something like this:


I like bombers because they are nasty little shits if you don't manage to stop them getting to your ships - D6 attacks per surviving bomber wave meaning I at one point ended up with 32 attacks needing 5+ to damage the battleship which had only lost 2 hit points and was reduced to a drifting hulk in one ordnance phase. Nasty.

Picture is of the black board we used to record our losses - Wig's Chaos Crusade Fleet to the left, my Imperial Pigdogs to the right.

Must play more Gothic. Must use more bombers.

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