Monday, 8 October 2012

The 1st milestone

Hi y'all. It's been a while since I've last posted anything on faulty due to being busy busy these past few weeks, but fear not my friends I've been keeping myself hobby active whenever I've had the free time. (and when I've been able to pull myself away from boarderlands 2)

I'm going to start with two quick battle reports from the warmachine/hordes journeyman league I'm taking part in at Titan games.

My first game was against a kid who's name escapes me but I did mange to get a photo of his khador force

Now I took this chance to start a hordes force, more specifically circle orboros, as I found the fury mechanic more enjoyable to play than the focus mechanic that warmachine uses.

My starter force

On with the fighting

Turn : it begins

I won the roll to go first and I duly did so. I moved my warp wolf and 1 of my argus up the right flank while my other argus and caster moved up the centre, the only spell I used was to give my warp wolf stealth.

My opponent moved his combat orientated jack and his caster down the centre heading towards my caster, his cannon jack down the the right to take a shot at my warp wolf but completely scatters away thanks to stealth.

Turn two: the trap is sprung

I started my turn by casting spirt door with my caster so that she got to be place within 2 inch of the argus on the right flank, I now sprung my trap. I charged the cannon jack with my warp wolf and argus whom promptly tore it a new one. I then sacrificed my other argus by charging his caster just so I can tie him up a turn or two

My opponent decided to charge his combat jack into my argus on the right, but after some poor dice rolls he only managed to remove about half the hit points need to kill it. His caster slaughters my argus which was expected.

Turn 3: a desperate move

I started by dealing some damage to his jack with my argus followed by my warp wolf moving in to finish it. My caster moves up behind my beast for some protection

My opponent charges my argus with his caster and kills it.

Turn 4: the end is nigh

I moved my caster to throw some spells at his caster, I now walked my warp wolf in and with boosted damage I managed to roll 3 6's killing the caster and wining the game.

What I learnt from this game: warp wolfs are the boss, with a ability to choose either +2 move, +2 strength or +2 armour each turn makes them very flexible.

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