Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A tale of 40k geeks (the start)

Starting from the Saturday just gone the contributors of faulty dice decided to take part in a tale of 40k geeks article, this is where each of us will slowly Build up a new army and paint it over the course several months, staring at 500pts and adding another 250pts to our force each month.

To start with we each picked a new army and then worked out a 500 point list that we'll buy, build, paint and play with for the first month, it was also decided that for the smaller point lists (500 & 750) we would not be using the standard force org but instead we'll be using the allies force org and playing games of combat patrol, once we reach a 1000pts we'll then use the standard force org with the possibility of taking allies at 1500pts.

So be prepared for some crazy ork conversions from Bannses, raging about the "ignores fucking cover USR" from Yeti, the math hammer on all the tau units from poontang and what ever the hell wig does.

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