Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Bonus points

I was thinking hard the other evening, (don't laugh I can think real good!) remembering how at the doubles, If you don't have a back story to your armies you lose out on points. Bastards. Then I thought, why didn't I just get a napkin and write something on it? Idiot. That would have been a whole extra point, with no more than 20 seconds of work!

I haven't checked the rules, (because I'm lazy and don't want to spoil a good rant) but what level of fiction counts as a backstory? Could a short paragraph about sharing a Nobel goal to find and capture ancient relics be enough? Or does it need to be a tome describing the intricate details and vibrant heritage of two cultures who just so happen to both love marmite?

Then there's the objective markers. I had three based and everything, but apparently early learning centre animals do not count. Now believe me when I say, that pissed me off! Not because it didn't count, but because the judge seemed to quite like them and even had a little giggle at the hugely out of scale rabbit, complete with cold calculating stare. He just simply didn't mention it. Moved on. Gave no cause to think we didn't get the point. It wasn't till the scores were handed out at the end, that we realised we hadn't got it. Cock.

Im not saying i don't like all the new bonuses you can get. The one for having a fully painted army makes good sense and I endorse It fully. However I just feel frustrated when I know that I'd have been sitting higher up on that results table, if theses little extra points didn't exist and it was entirely down to gaming ability.

Next doubles will be different. My army will be painted like beefeaters, objective markers that are not from the early learning centre and will be in the design of large kitchen utensils. Then finally I will have a back story of two armies on the hunt for the universes finest pastry chef. Nothing will stop us!

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  1. I'm thinking something along the lines of "our armies are from the meat requisition department of Harrods plc, gathering specialist cuts from the choicest of games; cook for 20 per lb and ensure throughout cooked before serving" and then arm various special characters with meat cleavers. Mmmmmmm, tasty hormagaunt.