Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why me?

So I've spent many hours weighing up the pros and cons of the different armies in fantasy, mainly vampire counts and ogres. I carefully weighed up my own preferences in regards to shooting or combat? Elite or swarm? Thought about which backgrounds I like most with the two armies. Then decided to go with skaven because they're ratmen!

So starting my first fantasy army excited and full of anticipation, I set about writing my army list. I dragged yetilover round mine and insisted that he couldn't leave until he'd help me fulfil my dream of being a master of rat wrangling awesome!

2am and we put the final touches on my list, cheers bro. Still excited even the early hours of the morning I started fantasising about a doubles list. The idea of two fully grown men swearing, drinking and crying as they loose at table top games to children. Nothing better. "hang the fuck on!" says yetilover gently breaking my little perfect world dream, "You know skaven can only ever be untrustworthy allies? With any army"


-posted from his bloody phone!

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