Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Doubles report...!?


It's been f**king forever since anyone posted anything, maybe because we're all lazy, maybe because nothing WH40K really happened, maybe because nobody but Yeti is painting anything... who knows.

Anyway, I thought I'd give a brief chat on how we did last weekend gone. In a word, we were awesome. If we've calculated our score properly (the events team did the numbers, I did the counting) we came somewhere between 2nd and 6th; we're not entirely sure exactly where yet. See, the events team gave 2nd and 3rd place to guys who had won less points than us, but had more favourite game votes, but didn't give a joint 3rd to guys who had the exact same score... We can't quite work it out, and while feeling mildly cheated that we were not given any type of award for scoring the same number of points as the ranked 2nd place team, it is nonetheless, the best we have ever done at no worse than 6th place.



Game 1:
Two blokes running a Guard/Grey Knights, calling themselves Bad Bromance :-) we crushed them quite severely, killed the grey knights dakka dread and their champion on our first turn/first round of shooting, then just proceeded to punish them for the rest of the game. I felt quite embarrassed it went so well and was about to offer beer as our apology when the ginger dude from the bar brought them drinks. Good game, they took it well and seemed to enjoy it and I hope we didn't come across as ass holes.

Game 2:
Ork/Space Marines, who very nearly beat the crap out of us. A dakka jet, a variant ork bomba and a Spaz Marine Sky Talon thing all arrived on the same turn and just let rip - the dakka jet thing gets some horrendous number of shots per turn, strength something nasty, AP4 (?) and ignores cover = 2 extremely dead weapons teams, and a half dead command squad with just the commander and his faithful lackey to run away. Luckily the vendettas turned up and did a horrific damage to the sky talon and one of the dakka jets. Managed to steal an objective from the Marines who were holding it, and in the end held 3 out of 4. Objective 4 was a no go - 30 boyz with the stealth special rule and a warboss... not to be trifled with. On the whole, good game. Learned some painful lessons about dakka jets. Ie, we need a quad gun.

Game 3:
Imperial Guard/Grey Knights
This one wasn't so great unfortunately; before the game began, we we're a bit confused as to why they had managed to get so much left in reserve when the rules only permit for 50% to be left in reserve at any one time - turns out that 50% is of the Army (both players) not just the individual forces (each player) which mean they could deep strike two squads of terminators... Eek. Nevermind, its the rules.
However, when I attempted to put my platoon chappies in a reserved vendetta, I inadvertently started a 20 min rule bender, as our opponents were of the belief that platoons had to be deployed together - either all in reserve or all on the board. While its a sensible concept (why would you deploy without your commanders?), there is nothing I can find to say you can't and some rules that indirectly suggest that it's perfectly allowed. I offered to just set up but everyone (including a ref) wanted to sort it out. 20mins later it was decided on a 4+ (which we won) - not that the guys inside did anything as they were shot down mere moments after arriving! Anyway, hard fought but we won in the end, with a great deal of luck.

Ironically, as the clock wore down to only 4mins and we were pretty much finished, our opponents asked for an additional round of shooting so they could try and get their secret objectives - we agreed to it and got a round ourselves. They shot eveything they had left at my remaining vendetta only to miss and fail to damage on every dice. Our round, I shot down their last remaining vendetta with the weapons teams, and the drop pod with the vendetta. So sweet it was to announce that on that round alone I had achieved the tank hunter objective at captain level (2 bonus points rather than 1). All good in the end, and with more entertaining last turns we all loosened up a bit, so a good game in the end.

Game 4:
The one that got away!

I'm not really sure if we could really have played this one much better than we did, we were cheated out of a parachute drop by an "its been FAQ'd" however, I personally read the FAQ on his phone and agreed so what the hell was I reading?! My fault if anything so nevermind.

All kinda went wrong when we just couldn't land the shots we needed but received a punishing in return - I do wish they'd FAQ the flyers thing - at the moment they can just zoom straight off the board without having done anything which basically meant that they were able to have the full force arrive when they damn well pleased, thank you very much!

Nevermind; an enjoyable game at least and we still inflicted some hurt so it wasn't a complete loss!

Game 5:
Last one, our favourite game of the tournament too.

We ended up playing a couple of guys who were nominated for best painted - it showed. Grey Knights/Black Templars.

It was a good fun game, I think they just thought, "Fuck it, last game so lets have a laugh" and ran a force of 13 terminators (7 Black templar, 6 grey knight) down the side directly toward the guard held flank - they withstood a stupid number of bullets for every turn they were walking making pretty much every save, until one of our space wolf squads ran up, bolt gunned four of them to death. That sucked for the guy, four 1's :-s

Nevermind, it was entertaining blasting the shit out of a whole army of terminators and running away from them when they got too close.

Verdict; I enjoy 6th edition. We have thought of some horrendous tactics for next time though...


  1. Further to this, looks like we came in officially 6th due to our ticket number... Not sure how what ticket you possess has any bearing on tournament success but whatever.


  2. Hell yeah we did. The immortals are holding another tournament at the end of October if you want to come?