Saturday, 15 September 2012

Oh, hay, GW goes technological!

So, wow.

GW have worked out that technology is fucking everywhere and maybe they can tap that market. AWESOME!

I imagine the conversation in HQ went a little something like this:

GW guy - ", people read stuff on the little handheld screen?"

IT - "yes"

GW - "...and everyones got one?"

IT - "yes, in their pockets"

GW - "so we can just sell the books that way as well?"

IT - "yes, and we can update them remotely so we only have to issue a notice saying 'we've updated some stuff for you, enjoy' instead of a full FAQ every couple of months"

GW - "so we can sell people the same book they already have, and charge them more for it?"

IT - "well, to stay competativ..."

GW - *evil finger tent* "yes... more money... excellent..."

IT - "Ooook. Moving on, we could also make apps, they are little programs that sell for about £2 and can be really usful, maybe we could make one for some of the new rules like our competitors have for their gaming systems?"

GW - "WE ARE GAMES-FUCKING-WORKSHOP! SHIT DOES NOT GET SOLD FOR £2 ON MY FUCKING WATCH YOU BASTARD! No. We will make one of these 'apps' and we will sell it for a vastly inflated price, because our insanely rich fan base will pay... yess....."

And so we reach the point of this soliloquy; GW have a good looking new app on apples app store marketing for £8. Are you fucking kidding me?

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