Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lightning raid

Time for a quick post guys. This coming Saturday Ban, Poontang and myself are going to be attending a 200pt kill team tournament in Nottingham and I'll be taking my dark eldar which I've been using a lot of lately.

The list I'm taking is as follows ( I should also point out I get to give three models any one of the universal special rules)

10 true born:
1 with a splinter cannon and twin-linked USR
1 with a splinter cannon and haywire USE
Raider with a disintegrator and shroud USR

Now I've only settled on taking my dark eldar about two weeks ago and my list only last saturday, which means ive been franticly painting them up these past few days as none of them but I am loving my colour scheme. What do people think?

(Bases to be done in a African plan scheme)

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  1. get painting bro! i finished ages ago... lol that has never happened before and i'm enjoying it.
    you not going winter bases then?

  2. African Plan? Sounds a bit das solution to me...

  3. Lol, the Yeti and his Endlösung.