Wednesday, 4 May 2011

i think we should turbo our tournament

and by turbo i mean get arseface drunktastic... all the way through.

1/ Ordering shots to the gaming table 5 points
2/ Annoying the opponent with drunken incompetence 10 points
3/ Breaking your own models with drunken incompetence 5 points
4/ Breaking opponents models with drunken incompetence 25 points
5/ spilling beer on the gaming table 5 points
6/ spilling beer on the gaming table and saying 'yayyyy tidlewave' 20 points
7/vomiting in the games hall and continuing like it didn't happen 100 points
8/getting in a fist fight over the turnout of a game 100 points
9/suggesting to the opponent you play drinking warhammer and
then make up the rules as you go along 40 points
10/being thrown out of warhammer world for being drunk and disorderly 200 points

winner at the end gets the respect and adoration of all


  1. Now your talking. As long as we didnt have to go back the next day with a hangover it'd be worth it.

  2. P.s. Thats a badass ork list