Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Lists...

So bitches;
Here is the previous list I took in Feb (Jan? Can't remember...) alongside Paul's space vampires who were pretty much a mounted up assault machine. Please note the careful use of autocannons;

Company Command Squad - 50pts
Autocannon Team - 10pts

Platoon Command Squad - 30pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Infantry Squad - 50pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Infantry Squad - 50pts
Autocannon - 10pts

Heavy Weapons Team - 60pts
(3) Autocannons - 15pts

Heavy Weapons Team - 60pts
(3) Autocannons - 15pts

Fast Attack
Vendetta - 130pts
Side-firing Heavy Bolters - 10pts

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Exterminator - 150pts
Heavy Bolter Sponsons - 20pts
Camo Netting - 20pts
Knight Commander Pask - 50pts

This beastly list can churn out 20 S7 AP4 shots per turn, plus the extra 4 coming from the tank which are twin linked and are fired at BS4. Also, if the tank stayed still, the shots count as S8 against armour, reroll wounds against monterous creatures and the tank itself gets +1 to it's cover save, so in actual cover it has a 3+ cover save.

Also you can get 15 heavy bolter shots and 3 twin linked lascannons per turn.

What think you, Sir Ben? I've been mucking about with another ridiculous list that had something list 36 autocannon shots per turn just from heavy weapons teams but that's gonna mean buying more stuff.

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